About Me

Portrait This is the private web page of me, Hans-Jörg Schurr, a software programmer living and working in Berlin. I use the Scala programming language to help make the gears of industrial IoT turning at relayr. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I am a functional programming enthusiast and advocate for the use of strongly typed programming languages.

Before that I was a master student in Computational Intelligence at TU Wien. The last two years, as part of my work towards a Master thesis1, I visited the LEO-III team at FU Berlin. There my research was advised by Christoph Benzmüller, my advisor at TU Wien is Alexander Leitsch. My work on the LEO-III projects aimed to improve the reasoning performance in the presence of massive amounts of variables of boolean type.

I hold a Bachelor’s in Mathmatics in Computer Science from TU Wien and spent the summer term 2015 as an exchange student at KAIST in Korea.

In my free time I can be found in various parks practicing my juggling skills. Currently I am working on 3-ball back-crosses.

  1. While all the work is done, I have not yet formally finish the degree.